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Kerry & Gina

Ultimate woman crushes <3


Kerry & Gina

Ultimate woman crushes <3

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I Hate You So much Right Now – Kelis
Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
Somebody Come Get Me – Melanie Fiona
Next Lifetime – Erykah Badu
Resentment – Beyoncé
Love The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rhianna
Rather Go Blind – Etta James
Nobody Knows – The Tony Rich Project
Officially Missing You – Tamia
Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Angie Stone
Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart – Alicia Keys
Foolish – Ashanti

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Ego of Love

Are you angry because he changed his mind?
Are you sad because it seemed like it was never true?
Do you cry because you doubt there was anything genuine in it?
Are you angry because he is so unaffected?
Are you sad because you still care?
Do you cry because it doesn’t matter to him?
Are you angry because he said things that now ring false?
Are you sad because it’s only you that lost?
Do you cry…

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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new light…

Happy 2014.

December 31st I built a fire and turned 2013 to ash. Literally. My spirit couldn’t take anymore. I was tired, miserable and crumbling from the inside out. I wanted more from my life than…

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Fuck Your God

Not every fucking day write poetic prose and skillfully structured pieces. Some days just tell the Internet to go fuck its self because it (probably) doesn’t pay your bills and you can write whatever the fuck you want. Because that’s real.



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When a heart breaks it makes no sound
It doesn’t stop functioning despite prayers for it to
When a heart breaks it can’t be replaced
It doesn’t repair with ease because you can’t see where to fix it
It doesnt comprehend how it’s hurt
It doesn’t know how…

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Dogs Howl Too


Heartbreak is an overwhelming, all consuming pain with little to no relief for its physical manifestations. It is the one overarching feeling that transports you back into the primal mindset of humanity to embrace the urge to scream and cry…

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Saving Wandering Girl

Y’all ever see that movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’?

I’ve been at war with myself for years, wanting to be more, do more, do better. Wondering what success meant, how to define ‘being happy’ and if there was this thing called love to believe in. There isn’t.

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Those mornings you find hard to wake up for. Heavy fog hovering over your senses, a welcoming blindness before the cold, bright light of day reminds you that you want to cry. You wonder how the sun, the nurturing sun, can be so cruel, so empty, so…

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Break Up.

I was stricken with an inconvenient love for the wrong man.

I was all mixed up in it, strung up by it, laden down with love for this man.

I woke up one afternoon, the air outside was biting and seeped through the ill-fitted insulation on the panes of my…

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"There are 7 billion people on this planet who I have not met,
and 195 countries I have not visited.
Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town,
Being pressured into making decisions about my future,
When I barely even know who I am."
 Unknown (via psych-facts)

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The Dream Weavers: Alone →


There are times in life when it seems as if everything is falling apart. In such moments we need people. We need our family. We crave our friends. Even the reassuring whispers of a stranger would suffice. We need to hear and feel that everything will resolve itself. That the pain and uncertainty…

So relevant right now.

And I adore this woman’s mind and character.

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I miss him so much. There is so much contention inside me. I want two different relationships. Part of me is glad it’s over, that we can go back to what we should have been, and move forward rather than stagnate. But there is the other side of me that he awoke, that craves and desires and yearns, that is almost insatiable in its need to connect and share and join. I’m somewhere between heartbroken and relieved and I don’t know which side wins out or what to do in the meantime.

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Kerry Washington repping as the only WoC in THR's TV Actress Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter:What's your worst audition?
Connie Britton:"We just didn't get you."
Anna Gunn:"We just didn't respond to you."
Monica Potter:I'd just had my last kid..I was pushing like 180 pounds at the time. I'm like, "You guys, I just don't feel physically fit yet." I had my Spanx on and looked like a damn sausage, but I went in and thought I did a really good job. I got home and get the call from my agents. I'm like, "I did good, right?" And they say, "You did great. The problem is you're just …" "I'm too fat." "Yeah, we're just going to wait a little bit." I said, "I already told you this!" The weight thing is a crappy thing in this town, you know?
Elizabeth Moss:On the first season of "Mad Men," I had to wear a fat suit and prosthetic makeup to make me look bigger.... We all have this perception of what we're supposed to look like. But that's what's so great about all these women here today: We're all completely different-looking, you know? We're all beautiful, but real women.
Connie Britton:I agree. I've never had somebody say to me that I needed to look a certain way for a role, but I've always lived in dread of what that would be like. It's our responsibility to play these full-fledged women, and to play women who look like people we actually see in life. It's more interesting, and I think audiences appreciate it, too.
Kerry Washington:It's a little bit different for me because I'll audition for something and they'll just decide that they're not going "ethnic" with a character, which I hear a lot.
The Hollywood Reporter:Casting directors still use the word "ethnic"?
Kerry Washington:If not "black," then yeah. People have artistic license … that's what casting is: fitting the right look to the right character. Whereas you could maybe lose some weight, there's not really anything I can do, nor would I want to, about being black.
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Unhappiness breeds in the tiniest of places, festers in the simplest of phrases. You think you’ve turned a point in life, made progress in a situation and a single word turns it upside down.

Actions do not speak louder than words. They speak with the same depth and brevity because words are the output of actions. They are things you choose to say to express your thoughts, feelings and choices. They are representative of your consciousness and subconsciousness; the revelation of your inner self and as much of an expression of what you really mean at the time as your actions are.

Actions are subject to the same clouded judgement as words. Trying times produce emotionally charged reactions so why should I be convinced that what you do is more genuine than what you say? Wouldn’t you just apologise, explain it away, do something different to counter what you’ve just done - just like with what people say? Wouldn’t words be your defense? Your apology? Your way to make things right? So why tell me actions speak louder than words?

I’m tired of excusing people or being manipulated into accepting blame for things because people want to convince me that what they say isn’t as important as what they actually do. They are part and parcel of the same thing. If they weren’t communication wouldn’t matter, people wouldn’t be desperate to talk things through and no stock would be placed in contracts because they’re just peoples WORDS.

I hate _. I love _. I dislike _. I adore _. I want _. I miss _. I despise _. I don’t want _.

I NEED OUT. Because there is nothing worth being in for.

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